Commercial Relocation Management Specialist

Ray Thain Project Management Services Ltd

Protect Your Continuity

I identify and avoid your peak business hours, planning and working when the time suits you best. Your continuity and maintaining business standards allows mimimal impact on your day to day activities.

Cut Your Costs

Fully independent and unbiased, I search the marketplace for your ideal suppliers. I issue pre-purchase questionnaires and invitations to tender, then carefully analyse and evaluate all responses for value for money and product quality.

Maintain Service Quality

I ensure that your move is not only as smooth and simple as possible, but also that everyone is brought effectively and efficiently through the process to a “Soft Landing” at the other end.

Save Time And Stress

Successful projects demand painstaking planning, so the earlier you involve me, the better. Call me when your move or restructure is just an initial concept, and I can often save you significant time and money as well as ensuring the most seamless transition

Enjoy Peace Of Mind

Working in direct partnership with you and your people, I manage relocation projects of all sizes for every kind of organisation, from SME’s and public services to major brands. As your close working partner I actively develop honest, confident relationships and absolute trust.

Post Relocation Support

I continue to support most clients into the post-relocation period to cover any unpredictable issues that might arise. Where I’ve managed the move, such problems are generally minor, and I resolve them with RTPMS’s characteristic “can do” approach and commitment.

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Call us on 0800 2300 788 or 01257 270379

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