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Royal Wolverhampton Hospital ED Relocation


Case study: The Royal Wolverhampton Hospital Trust

Core tasks
  • Research and source new suppliers, plan and Manage the new equipment deliveries and commissioning
  • Plan and manage transfer of live ED services from the old site to a new location within a four-hour window
  • Support transition of staff into their new work environment


The context

The Royal Wolverhampton Hospital Trust needed to move its entire Emergency Department (ED) into new, larger accommodation within the hospital. This huge project (from planning and procurement to ‘Go Live’ status) had to take place within a four-week period. More specifically the move itself (equipment, patients, staff and administrators’/doctors’ offices) was to be accomplished and the new ED fully operational in a fixed 4-hour window in order to avoid depleting the ED’s response targets.

The project

This was a huge, complex and life-critical task which held consequences for staff, patients, visitors and the Trust as a whole. The preparation involved a great deal of work liaising with various departments to confirm the inventory of equipment and its condition, as well as identifying existing orders and sourcing, receiving and checking new ones. The new ED had to expand the number of bays and treatment areas to comprise:

Seven resus bays 31 treatment bays
Two brand new paediatric high care spaces A 48-bed medical ward
Six paediatric treatment rooms Therapy rooms
CT Scanner room GP referral unit
Clinical Decisions Unit ED X-ray dept
Administrative offices Clinical staff offices

Ray spent a great deal of time understanding the hospital’s relevant departments, functions and teams, and developing the trusting relationships that would be crucial when the ‘Go Live’ transfer took place. Throughout this complex operation, staff felt confident that Ray was managing the risks and smoothly easing people and events to a safe and efficient conclusion. By the time the 4-hour deadline arrived, everything was fully installed in its new location, equipment was checked, calibrated and ready for use, and patients were being treated without any disruption to the service.

A healthy new start

With the ED transfer seamlessly completed, Ray was asked to continue working with the ED team on a ‘Soft Landings’ programme which he designed to help staff acclimatise to the new facilities, equipment and patient monitoring systems. He also led staff, members of the public and other stakeholders on ‘patient journey tours’ through the department. The Trust was delighted with the entire project, completed on time, on budget and with absolute customer satisfaction. Ed Callaghan, the Trust’s Estates Development Team Manager, was happy to declare that, “We chose the right man for the job!”


New Cross Hospital, Wolverhampton-Emergency Department Relocation

Big thank you to JMS for inviting me to represent them to plan and manage the relocation of the Emergency Department (A&E to you and I) and the Acute Medical Unit into a new £38m facility. This included the management of the Trusts third party suppliers which included, Furniture, signage, specialist and general equipment, audio visual and specialist equipment commissioning teams.

The relocation was scheduled for a “live switch” at 4am on 25th November, which was a Wednesday, historically the quietest window of opportunity. This proved to be accurate, we went from 43 patients at 12.30am down to 9 at 4am. Within minutes of the new facility opening to receive patients, 4 ambulances rolled in and so the day began.

A successful relocation of the services, support services and staff into a much larger, state of the art facility serving the local community.



NSL Logo

Case study: NSL

Core tasks
  • Act as Construction Design and Management Coordinator (CDM-C) for the refurbishment of newly acquired premises
  • Liaise effectively with the new landlord
  • Manage the relocation of staff and office equipment into the refurbished call centre
  • Ensure compliance of the finished premises
  • Help produce a business continuity plan
The context

NSL’s former accommodation was becoming too small and fragmented for the needs of its mission-critical, multi-disciplinary call centre. Ideal new offices were located but these required complete refurbishment to meet the company’s objectives. NSL tasked Ray with securing buy-in for the move from key stakeholders, monitoring the refurbishment, managing the relocation, ensuring FCA and ISO compliance as well as supporting the production of a continuity plan.


The project

Following his feasibility study and Board presentation, Ray created a Project Initiation Document to guide this challenging process. As CDM-C, Ray worked with all parties to allay any fears and concerns about the move and meet everyone’s requirements. Indeed, Ray managed the complete refurbishment and relocation process without any disruption to NSL’s service. He ensured that this much improved working environment was fully FCA and ISO compliant and produced a Welcome Pack giving employees all the key information they needed on the new premises’ layout, facilities and emergency procedures.

To help protect the future of this thriving business, Ray also worked with an NSL Team Manager to devise a comprehensive business continuity plan, which included increasing the resilience of the company’s voice and data communications.


Safe, sound and set for the future

Ray’s extensive project management skillset allowed NSL the flexibility of appointing him to additional roles as the schedule progressed, always safe in the knowledge that he could deliver. And deliver he did: Trevor Taylor, NSL’s Account Director, was delighted with Ray’s work which saw the NSL team make a smooth, safe and compliant transition into their excellent new facilities. Add to this the additional benefits of a professional and proactive project manager, and NSL can continue its excellent work knowing that it’s future continuity is protected.