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RTPMS Ltd Brochure

Please feel free to down load our brochure, a summary of the services offered by RTPMS Ltd to those who are relocating premises or restructuring within their current environment.


New Cross Hospital, Wolverhampton-Emergency Department Relocation

Big thank you to JMS for inviting me to represent them to plan and manage the relocation of the Emergency Department (A&E to you and I) and the Acute Medical Unit into a new £38m facility. This included the management of the Trusts third party suppliers which included, Furniture, signage, specialist and general equipment, audio visual and specialist equipment commissioning teams.

The relocation was scheduled for a “live switch” at 4am on 25th November, which was a Wednesday, historically the quietest window of opportunity. This proved to be accurate, we went from 43 patients at 12.30am down to 9 at 4am. Within minutes of the new facility opening to receive patients, 4 ambulances rolled in and so the day began.

A successful relocation of the services, support services and staff into a much larger, state of the art facility serving the local community.


Vodafone, Atlas House South Manchester

RTPMS Ltd worked with Vodafone and Premier Moves in South Manchester, to integrate staff from Didsbury and Wythenshawe, customer service centres. This was inconjunction with an 14 phase refurbishment programme giving the interior a major refresh, which included new furniture, restaurant, chill & energise zones, defined team home zones.

With a price tag in the region of £4.5million a welcome boost to the local economy and confidence for the staff in terms of continued support and employment.

Staying with Vodafone RTPMS Ltd was involved in “restacking” nearly 4000 staff at their head quarters in Newbury. This was conducted over 5 consecutive weekends, with much planning prior to that to achieve the goal.



Many people have said that the website lacked the personal element. People like to see the face of RTPMS Ltd, “really?” I said, “I’m trying to attract customers not scare them off!!”
But people buy from people!! or so Im assured.

I feel sorry for the photographer; Sarah Yeoman, very professional. I have attached a link on the link page for you to follow.