About RTPMS Ltd

My Mission

My focus for RTPMS is clear: I relocate your organisation with minimal downtime at minimal cost and without affecting your service quality.

My Approach

Working in direct partnership with you and your people, I manage relocation projects of all sizes for every kind of organisation, from SME’s and public services to major brands. Your business, your interests and goals are at the heart of everything I do, and as your close working partner I actively develop honest, confident relationships and absolute trust. I believe that this approach helps to explain why my work is generated almost exclusively by word of mouth recommendation.

Key Themes

Timing: Successful projects demand painstaking planning, so the earlier you involve me, the better. Call me when your move or restructure is just an initial concept, and I can often save you significant time and money as well as ensuring the most seamless transition.

Negotiation: Business relocations impact on people, places and organisations in many ways. Skilled and sensitive negotiation is a crucial skill in achieving successful and satisfying outcomes, and it’s a RTPMS strength that’s highly valued by our clients.

Communication: People fear what they don’t know or understand. For me, great communication at every level is a top priority.

Soft Landings: I ensure that your move is not only as smooth and simple as possible, but also that everyone is brought effectively and efficiently through the process to a “Soft Landing” at the other end.

Thinking of relocating in the coming year?

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