What our clients say….

I always appreciate feedback from my clients and I’m grateful to them all for their kind comments.

I have worked with Ray for several months on an extensive and complex project which involved opening a new building and moving people within our existing building. To co-ordinate multiple moves for over 1k employees is not an easy task. Rays skills demonstrated his ability to capture the detail required for each individual which were fed into the wider programme. At all times I had full faith in Rays organisational skills and his attention to detail is second to none, he also has the ability to push back on requests in the correct manner when required. . Ray also has a strong ability to build relationships with stakeholders at all levels and instil confidence which leads to a seamless transition.

In addition to Rays outstanding organisational skills he is an absolute pleasure to work with and a great addition to the project team.

Ella Mazonowicz-Jones

Change Manager

To Whom It May Concern:
I write this letter in recommendation RTPMS as a project management company. We had the pleasure of working with Ray Thain on the new office build and premises move for our company in 2017. Throughout the course of the process, Ray was a consummate professional. He was accurate in his initial assessment of the scale and cost of our project. He was able to design the building layout to our specification, providing accurate drawings which we could share with our staff, reassuring them and allowing us to be confident as to the space planning. He was clear in his record keeping and time log. He chose and managed the sub-contractors well. Our new premises were fitted out with care and precision.
Ray also project managed our move from premises which had been our home for 60 years, which was not without issues especially around the amount of paper and other superfluous furnishings etc we had managed to accumulate over the decades. The weekend of the move went very smoothly, and our teams were all up and working within a couple of hours on the first morning in our new premises. As a busy practice, this was something that we were very concerned about, but we had no real problems. Ray had managed all the suppliers and movers so that there were floor walkers available on that first morning which ensured everything went smoothly. The IT and telephony all worked from the first off. Clients were arriving from that first morning and the reviews of our new premises have been 100% positive. We are incredibly pleased with our new home and the planning that Ray put in to make the move as seamless as possible. It is important that major changes similar to the one we went through do not damage or impair your business at any time and only enhances what you are trying to achieve for your company and staff. Ray made sure that was the case for us and we can recommend him highly and without reservation.

Mark Heaton – Managing Director

Jan McLean -Practice Manager

We engaged Ray to project manage the relocation of the Oldham Service Support Centre to a soon to be refurbished office facility. Ray was also tasked with managing the associated work streams, ICT support, HR, third party suppliers and work alongside the landlord (Oldham Borough Metropolitan Council) to ensure that the refurbishment was to the agreed specification and timescale.

Ray took on the additional roles of Refurbishment Project Manager and Construction and Design Management Co-ordinator (CDM-C) Ray duly managed the refurbishment very successfully through to completion. Additionally during this period, we requested that Ray worked alongside local management staff in ensuring that the Business Continuity plan was viable.

Ray worked alongside our internal HR, Training and ICT support teams to formulate a timescale to centralise the aforementioned services into the new “Centre of Excellence”

Ray kept staff informed of the progress of the refurbishment, through the production of regular newsletters and as the refurbishment completed, he conducted staff familiarisation tours and produced a “Welcome Pack” which will be incorporated into the new starters training package.

Finally, NSL operate to three ISO standards. Ray liaised with the company compliance manager to ensure that these standards were maintained during the transition to the new environment and in many cases enhanced having relocated to the new operating environment.

Trevor Taylor

Account Manager

SCCRay Worked on the Surrey County Council “Making a difference” project as a member of the core Property and IT Team between 2010 and September 2012. This work stream was tasked with delivering closure of a number of large buildings, completing a series of building refurbishments and desking, the re-location of approximately 4000 staff and assisting HR Colleagues with the introduction of flexible working.This also involved considerable partnership work with colleagues in Borough and District authorities across Surrey as Surrey County Council staff moved into their offices as part of co-location.

Ray is an accomplished move manager, who soon established himself as a well liked member of not only the project team and removal crews but also amongst the teams of staff he was tasked with moving. He has an ability to bring order to a situation through good humour and leadership, combined with unending energy. He is dependable and plans well, which has resulted in a strong track record of delivery. Ray also quickly absorbed the principles of Surrey’s flexible working strategy and assisted with promoting it to the staff he was re-locating.

As the project progressed, I was comfortable with allowing Ray to extend his role beyond the traditional move management to project management of other aspects of the job. In particular, he worked extensively with our borough and district colleagues in setting up shared offices and establishing the facilities management requirements (Security cards, repographics, post etc). He achieved this work very well and again demonstrated his strong communication skills, whether dealing with a Chief Executive or a removal crew.

Ray has performed extremely well on our project and he has been a key member of the team. Based on this project, I would have no doubts about recommending him to others.

Hazel Buxton.

Operational Programmes and Projects Manager, Property.

NULC LogoIn November 2009, Newcastle Under Lyme College took possession of a brand new £60 Million campus, giving over 20,000 square metres of “State of the Art” accommodation. The college was then faced with a huge logistical task of moving its 900 staff and their possessions some 400 metres or so down the road to the new campus. The task was made potentially more challenging as the majority of staff were due to make the move during a two week period just before the Christmas holiday.

Planning and organisation were therefore key to the successful completion of the move. The college appointed Pickfords to handle the project and they subsequently appointed Ray Thain to manage the move. Ray quickly to an overview of the situation and assured the college that the move could be completed successfully within that short window of time. He negotiated with the colleges departmental managers over their storage requirements and time schedules and brought together a comprehensive removal plan. Ray then arranged for the delivery of all the required crates and roll cages to the right places and at the right time and ensured that all staff understood the labelling system.

The actual removal operation went so smoothly under Ray’s guidance that many of the staff were able to move in ahead of their scheduled time slot, so everyone was settled in their new location before a well earned Christmas holiday.

The success of the operation was due to to two key factors. The first of these was the advance planning which had enabled the college to dispose of its unwanted materials and equipment well before the move. The second was the management and organisational ability of Ray Thain. He demonstrated a calm assurance and confidence in his own ability to manage the move which made for good communication and put staff at ease and allowed them to focus on the task.. At the same time as managing the move, Ray also assisted the college in disposing of its unwanted furniture and equipment, and subsequently undertook the recording of all the College assets onto a computerised database.

Speaking personally, I thoroughly enjoyed working with Ray, who made everything run so smoothly. Nothing was too much trouble and he was able to find solutions to every situation along the way. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him to any organisation undergoing a move of location.
Martin Bostock
Head of Estates and Facilities
Newcastle Under Lyme College