Newcastle Under Lyme College

NULC LogoIn November 2009, Newcastle Under Lyme College took possession of a brand new £60 Million campus, giving over 20,000 square metres of “State of the Art” accommodation. The college was then faced with a huge logistical task of moving its 900 staff and their possessions some 400 metres or so down the road to the new campus. The task was made potentially more challenging as the majority of staff were due to make the move  during a two week period just before the Christmas holiday.

Planning and organisation were therefore key to the successful completion of the move. The college appointed Pickfords to handle the project and they subsequently appointed Ray Thain to manage the move. Ray quickly to an overview of the situation and assured the college that the move could be completed successfully within that short window of time. He negotiated with the colleges departmental managers over their storage requirements and time schedules and brought together a comprehensive removal plan. Ray then arranged for the delivery of all the required crates and roll cages to the right places and at the right time and ensured that all staff understood the labelling system.

The actual removal operation went so smoothly under Ray’s guidance that many of the staff were able to move in ahead of their scheduled time slot, so everyone was settled in their new location before a well earned Christmas holiday.

The success of the operation was due to to two key factors. The first of these was the advance planning which had enabled the college to dispose of its unwanted materials and equipment well before the move. The second was the management and organisational ability of Ray Thain. He demonstrated a calm assurance and confidence in his own ability to manage the move which made for good communication and put staff at ease and allowed them to focus on the task.. At the same time as managing the move, Ray also assisted the college in disposing of its unwanted furniture and equipment, and subsequently undertook the recording of all the College assets onto a computerised database.

Speaking personally, I thoroughly enjoyed working with Ray, who made everything run so smoothly. Nothing was too much trouble and he was able to find solutions to every situation along the way. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him to any organisation undergoing a move of location.

Martin Bostock
Head of Estates and Facilities
Newcastle Under Lyme College