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We engaged Ray to project manage the relocation of the Oldham Service Support Centre to a soon to be refurbished office facility. Ray was also tasked with managing the associated work streams, ICT support, HR, third party suppliers and work alongside the landlord (Oldham Borough Metropolitan Council) to ensure that the refurbishment was to the agreed specification and timescale.

Ray took on the additional roles of Refurbishment Project Manager and Construction and Design Management Co-ordinator (CDM-C) Ray duly managed the refurbishment very successfully through to completion. Additionally during this period, we requested that Ray worked alongside local management staff in ensuring that the Business Continuity plan was viable.

Ray worked alongside our internal HR, Training and ICT support teams to formulate a timescale to centralise the aforementioned services into the new “Centre of Excellence”

Ray kept staff informed of the progress of the refurbishment, through the production of regular newsletters and as the refurbishment completed, he conducted staff familiarisation tours and produced a “Welcome Pack” which will be incorporated into the new starters training package.

Finally, NSL operate to three ISO standards. Ray liaised with the company compliance manager to ensure that these standards were maintained during the transition to the new environment and in many cases enhanced having relocated to the new operating environment.


Trevor Taylor

Account Director