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Case study: Vodafone-Newark

Core tasks
  • Create precise desking plans to achieve optimum staff efficiency and effectiveness
  • Negotiate with local managers and staff
  • Facilitate changes in attitudes and work practices
  • Secure the integration of new team spaces with zero service disruption


The context

Vodafone wanted to relocate one of their service department from Egypt to their Newark site in the UK. The move involved the integration of new staff (effectively doubling the size of the existing team) into a service environment which had its own well-established working practices and expectations. The project also had to be fulfilled within a very limited timeframe in order to minimise downtime in and disruption to the Newark operations.

The project

Ray collated the substantial staff lists which comprised full-time, part-time, field and home workers. He made clear plans for the accommodation of the 100-strong team, as well as integrating 40 new desk spaces alongside an existing technical team. By negotiating sensitively and clearly with local managers and staff and discussing sound, practical facts rather than ‘this is the way we’ve always done it’, he broke down their barriers and fears about the impending changes.
Ray’s plan grouped working teams into specific areas, which not only made it easier for teams to collaborate more efficiently and effectively but also freed up valuable desk spaces for the incoming staff. In addition, his plan could be achieved in a single ‘out of hours’ period, saving time and money for the client and avoiding any disruption to their normal daily operations.

Known, respected and trusted to deliver
Ray Thain is a familiar figure at various Vodafone sites, having managed a variety of relocation projects for them. More and more managers and leaders at this huge multinational corporation know that when they have a tough, challenging project to complete within a very short time period, then Ray is a safe and professional pair of hands. When he delivered his plans for this important and sensitive move, Vodafone’s Workplace Strategy Manger’s words were telling: “It’s good to have you back, Mr Thain!”

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